Canada Day 2022 Fireworks

Annually Grand Bend plays host to the largest Canada Day fireworks display in southwestern Ontario. In 2020 the Canada Day Committee made the decision to host the event at the StarLite Drive-inn, in 2021 the event was cancelled due to municipal concerns regarding gathering of large crowds! This year 2022, we plan to CELEBRATE.

To us July 1st is both a National Celebration and a local start of Summer event. We have booked two bands to perform in the evening followed by firework.

Please check out our Event Information. Remember, donations are welcome and make this event possible!


There are nine municipal parking lots throughout Grand Bend. Download a copy of the parking brochure for information on location, parking lot times, and if you’re parking during the day, the parking rate. Parking is free in the lots after 6pm.

Beach lot parking is available, however Main Street West is closed to vehicle traffic at 10pm when the fireworks begin. Exiting the beach parking lots, driving up towards the traffic lights at Main and Ontario streets can take more than hour after the fireworks show. Pedestrians take over the sidewalks and road!

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